Confirmed : No Major Redesign Coming to Facebook Soon

Newsfeed Redesign

Facebook was about to release a major UI redesign recently. But now it is confirmed that there are no major Facebook UI Redesign coming any soon. It doesn’t mean Facebook will last same for the entire time now. But at least there won’t be any UI updates for next quarter year. Facebook has rolled a […]

New Viral Facebook App : Bitstrips

App Data Chart

Did you notice that your newsfeed shows photos with a funky guy doing various moves with your friends name in it? Probably someone from your friendlist uses Bitstrips application. If you do not know, let me tell you that this app has gone really viral and popular users of Facebook Worldwide. Till now Bitstrips has […]

Facebook May Use Your Profile Photo in Ads

Facebook has recently updated rights and responsibilities how they will use your data and images. And they are going to use your photos as social face recognition technology. Also Facebook will use your photos in Facebook Ads. There was law suit settlement about this at end of August. Not many people are aware of this […]